Your worth more!!!

I was a young, lost wondering soul. Walking alone, trying to find my place in the world.

I was in a dark space, with no place to go, I was hopeless, down on my luck.

no direction, no where to turn, I searched for a place to belong, somewhere along the way,

I must of turned the wrong way, I landed myself in a hell I won’t ever forget. I thought I had life all figured out, wrong!

for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to feel the pain, I was so unfairly given for so long,

I thought I was loved for once, all I ever wanted was to be accepted,

and wanted, to fit in.

I no longer had to fake a smile, or pretend. I could be myself, instead of acting as if I were someone else.

I was gonna be ok, life was great, only until one was too many and a thousand was never enough.

I never knew what the road ahead, had in store. I needed that miracle drug, more and more.

money started coming up short, I could no longer afford what I needed to feel normal and well.

Drug dealer’s didn’t take I owe you’s, or let ya do chores for payments for dope.

That’s not the way it works, I was broke, things got hard, I was in for a surprise, my life took a turn.

I learned thing’s i could do to make money. I soon became a person who I didn’t recognize, and nobody else knew.

I didn’t care about nobody but me, and how i was gonna get high,

I became selfesh, and told many lies.

I didn’t care who I hurt in the process, I was a theif, I never told the truth. I did my dirt, did many wrongs.

I became a complete mess, I lost the trust of everyone I knew, burnt bridges, I can’t ever newly build.

I carry regrets I can’t ever take back. Lost so much time I can’t replace, I was a disgrace to all.

I wanted out, I needed to stop, it was no longer fun, even when the sun shined, my world was still dark and gray,

I was broken and weak, who am I, where did I go wrong, this isn’t me or the place I’m meant to be.

Confused, I must make myself understand. So I came up with a plan to find my way out,

I had my doubts, I was in fear,scared but anything has to be better than here,

I turned around, followed a different path, when ever I felt lost I asked for direction, and a helping hand,

I had to swallow my pride, and accept my flaws and realize I didn’t know it all, it’s ok to be wrong at times too.

people fall, and make mistakes, it’s apart of life, it’s all about you and and how you handle it.

it’s all up to you, it’s never too late to change, take a new direction, ask for help when you need it.

drug’s isn’t the way out, it’s an escape route right to hell, keep living that life,

Grab a shovel go ahead and start digging your grave, that’s where your headed if you don’t change your way’s.

Don’t sell yourself short, drug’s isn’t the way out of this world, you deserve better.

Life can be a beautiful thing, it’s up to you to change it, refuse to accept anything but your best.

is your life worth living for? Life is what you make it. Don’t settle for less, knowing you deserve more!

By: Elizabeth Smith!!!

Have you been a victim of sexual abuse???.

Have you or a loved one had or are facing any kind of sexual abuse? Mental or physical abuse? You are not alone, I repeat you are not alone!!! My name is Beth and I have been in your shoes. I have been in fear,I have been scared to talk to tell someone. I held it in for years and that only made things worse. I tell people now if I could go back and change things. The one thing I would have changed about my whole situation would be I would have reached out for help and talked or told. But I was scared, in fear and I was threatened. So instead of reaching out I held it in till I explexploded. So I ended up taking this to another level this didn’t have to reach had I just reached out. This is why I became a life coach for support for life’s struggles. I never want another human being to suffer or feel the pain I had to experience. Stay tuned to hear my story. Remember you are not alone speak out. There is help and people who care I know that bc I’m one of them people who want to help and who care….